The Dog House reviews of real players

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Kelly Flexx  2023-01-16

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Hello everyone! By popular demand, I decided to collect reviews from real people about the The Dog House slot. I had to look for reviews in the comments on YouTube, Twitter and other verified sites. All reviews are genuine and left by real people, as their verified accounts indicate. I personally agree with most of the reviews, although there are those that are not an objective assessment of The Dog House.

1. $250 in a few hours is real with The Dog House

TiredMangust 13.08.2022  

I noticed The Dog House Megaways slot a long time ago, but I did not dare to play it, because there were other slots that I was fond of. After all, I decided to play and how glad I am that I did it! In just a few hours, I managed to win $250 without much effort. I've never seen a slot with such a high winning percentage before. I am satisfied!


2. Most profitable slot in my life

SilverBoy 27.10.2022 

For a long time I have been trying to find a slot that will bring profit. The Dog House turned out to be exactly the needed slot machine. The plentiful amount of bonuses that this slot offers is simply mind-blowing! Paws, Booths, Collars and pedigreed dogs) I recommend it to everyone!


3. Lost $100 in The Dog House

RealHommer 17.09.2022 

Friends recommended playing this slot. Saying that I regretted is saying nothing. To begin with, I made a deposit of $100. I won $50 and was very happy, I thought it would go on like this, but it wasn't there. Further games did not go as expected at all and eventually I dropped the entire deposit. Do not play this slot.


4. Won $1000 in a week ๐Ÿš€

Denis Minaev 07.11.2022

Not all slots provide. I realized this in practice. In other slots I could make a maximum of $100-200, and in The Dog House I raised $1000 in just a week. I hope that I will continue in the same spirit and the slot will not stop winning.


5. Won $150 but thatโ€™s not what I expected

Anonymous32 03.12.2022

I started playing The DogHouse Megaways and of course there were high expectations from the slot. I must say right away, there are a lot of bonuses in the game and there are no problems with them at all. The interface is also pleasant and beautiful. But if we talk about profit, then unfortunately there is not a lot. $150 is not exactly what I expected from this slot. I would still like more profit.


6. Donโ€™t playThe Dog House. Lost $120!

Michael Evans 22.11.2022

Guys, don't even think about playing The DogHouse Megaways, it's not worth it at all! During the day, I went into a $120 loss and the chances of winning are not visible at all. I will finish my initial deposit of $200 dollars. I hope to at least return it, but I will definitely not play this slot anymore because it is not worth it at all and only plays with my nerves.


7. Bonus magic bought me $80 ๐Ÿช„

Gam3L0rd 07.01.2023

No matter what anyone says, there are a lot of freebies in The DogHouse Megaways. Sometimes it happens that I only play for bonuses and win. Just yesterday, I played all day on the bonuses received for the deposit and won $80. I am very happy with this slot and recommend everyone to try it.


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